Water - The Way Nature Intended

Water has a key function in all living organisms and is essential to your health and wellbeing.
The quality of the water you drink, and how you store your water is important.
Natural water is filtered and enriched by rocks and pebbles, making it rich in minerals and of the right alkaline level. 

By hydrating our bodies with high-quality, alkaline water we help our bodies restore balance and well-being.

OneWell® is developing a unique material and bottle that has the same effect as the mineral rocks in a mountain stream
– it mineralises and energises the water in a completely natural way, without filters. This means you can easily enjoy healthy water, the way nature intended. Our first product, the OneWell® Bottle, will be sustainable, bio-degradable, kind to both nature and humans. 

Next to air, water is the most vital thing for our survival and wellbeing.
— Christina Rindsjö, Founder and CEO of OneWell®



We Are OneWell®

OneWell® is a Swedish start-up
based in Stockholm. 

Founded by Christina Rindsjö, OneWell’s mission is to raise awareness about high-quality water and create balance, 
harmony and wellbeing in our bodies as well as for our planet. 

Our team is made up of scientists, health experts, designers and marketers. What brings us together is our passion for social entrepreneurship, our strong love of water, the environment, our fellow humans and animals alike. Our first product the OneWell® Bottle will be on the market 2019. 

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Water Wellness

Our mission is to spread the word about WaterWellness, share our discoveries of what an important key hydration is, for a healthy body, as well as engage in the overall conversations in being part of and supporting a sustainable living.

All of this is for us the most
effective way to support mother earth.

As Nature Intended.

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